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Факультет компьютерных систем и сетей : [1838] Community home page

Факультет компьютерных систем и сетей является одним из ведущих факультетов в Республике Беларусь по подготовке ИТ-специалистов.

На сегодняшний день на факультете обучаются около 2000 студентов по четырем специальностям - «Вычислительные машины, системы и сети», «Информатика и технологии программирования», «Программное обеспечение информационных технологий»,«Электронные вычислительные средства».

The Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks originates from one of the first faculties of Minsk Radio Engineering Institute – the Faculty of Automatics and Calculating Machines. Today it’s one of the leading Belarusian faculties, which trains IT professionals. Thirteen joint laboratories and certified education centres support teaching process and hold additional IT courses. In 2012, the IBM Academic Centre of Competence based on the joint BSUIR-IBA laboratory was awarded a prestigious prize under the IBM Faculty Awards programme. Other certified centres include SAP Academic Competence Centre, National Instruments Training Centre, CUDA Training Centre and Cisco Network Academy. Faculty students take a deep insight into programming technologies and languages (Pascal, C/C++, Assembler, C#, Java, .NET etc.), database control systems (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.), web-technologies (HTML, CSS, XML, PHP etc.), technologies of software development and QA, software and hardware support of computer networks, etc.


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