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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Computer simulation of the operational characteristics of a microstrip silicon detectorHa Dinh Dao; Lovshenko, I. Yu.; Roshchenko, P. S.; Shandarovich, V. T.; Stempitsky, V. R.; Tuan Trung Tran
2021Design optimization of the gallium nitride heterostructure field-effect transistor with a graphene heat-removal systemVolcheck, V. S.; Lovshenko, I. Yu.; Stempitsky, V. R.
2013Device and technology simulation of IGBT on SOI structureLovshenko, I. Yu.; Nelayev, V. V.; Belous, A. I.; Turtsevich, A.
2019Physic-topological (electrical) model of a junction field effect transistor, taking into account the degradation of operational characteristics under the influence of penetrating radiationLovshenko, I. Yu.; Khanko, V. T.; Stempitsky, V. R.
2021Studying the influence of microbolometer structure and geometry on the parameters of infrared detectorsTran Van Trieu; Lovshenko, I. Yu.; Sadchenko, V.; Stempitsky, V. R.
2021The proton flux influence on electrical characteristics of a dual-channel hemt based on GaAsLovshenko, I. Yu.; Voronov, A. Yu.; Roshchenko, P. S.; Ternov, R. E.; Galkin, Y. D.; Kunts, A. V.; Stempitsky, V. R.; Jinshun Bi