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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Black antireflection composite coatings based on nanostructured carbon-containing anodic aluminaChernyakova, E. V.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Muratova, E. N.; Spivak, Y. M.; Moshnikov, V. A.
2016Characteristics of flat electric aluminum heaters with nanoporous anodic alumina and a resistive element of carbon fiberVrublevsky, I. A.; Chernyakova, E. V.; Tuchkovsky, A. K.
2020Effect of Aluminum Anode Temperature on Growth Rate and Structure of Nanoporous Anodic AluminaChernyakova, E. V.; Tzaneva, B.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Videkov, V. H.
2021Effect of anodic oxygen evolution on cell morphology of sulfuric acid anodic alumina filmsChernyakova, E. V.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Jagminas, A.; Klimas, V.
2004Effect of anodizing regimes on the volume expansion factor of the oxide filmsSokol, V.; Parkun, V.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Schreckenbach, J.; Marx, G.
2016Effect of continuous magnetic field on the growth mechanism of nanoporous anodic alumina films on different substratesVrublevsky, I. A.; Chernyakova, E. V.; Ispas, A.; Bund, A.
2018Effect of Joule Heating on Formation of Porous Structure of Thin Oxalic Acid Anodic Alumina FilmsChernyakova, E. V.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Klimas, V.; Jagminas, A.
2021Effect of thermal treatment on the electrical and photovoltaic characteristics of methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite filmsVrublevsky, I. A.; Tuchkovsky, A. K.; Lushpa, N. V.; Pham Gia Vu; Tran Dai Lam
2015Electromagnetic interference shielding characteristics of carbon-bearing porous anodic aluminaVrublevsky, I. A.; Charniakova, K.; Videkov, V. H.; Al-Dilami, Ahmed Ali Abdullah
2018Formation of metal-oxide film nanostructures based on anodic alumina with uniformly distributed nanoscale Ta inclusions and their electrical propertiesChernyakova, E. V.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Muratova, E. N.; Moshnikov, V. A.
2020Formation of ordered anodic alumina nanofibers during aluminum anodizing in oxalic acid at high voltage and electrical powerChernyakova, E. V.; Ispas, A.; Karpicz, R.; Ecke, G.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Bund, A.
2016Improvement of the thermal characteristics of the electric heater in the architecture with aluminum, nanoporous alumina and resistive component of carbon fiberVrublevsky, I. A.; Chernyakova, E. V.; Videkov, V. H.; Tuchkovsky, A. K.
2022Improving the Conductivity of the PEDOT:PSS Layers in Photovoltaic Cells Based on Organometallic Halide PerovskitesSpivak, Y. M.; Muratova, E. N.; Moshnikov, V. A.; Tuchkovsky, A. K.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Lushpa, N. V.
2021Influence of Electrolyte Temperature on the Formation of the Morphology of the Porous Structure of Anodic Aluminum OxideChernyakova, E. V.; Muratova, E. N.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Lushpa, N. V.; Spivak, Yu. M.; Nalimova, S. S.; Moshnikov, V. A.
2021Insight into the effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes (ZnO/MWCNTs) on the thermal conductivity of epoxy nanocomposite as an electrical-insulating coatingVu Gia Pham; Thi Nam Pham; Tran Dai Lam; Tai Huu Dinh; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Chernyakova, E. V.; Hai Viet Le
2017Investigation of the efficiency of the heat dissipation for the heat-conducting circuit boards made of aluminum with the nanoporous alumina layerAndreev, S.; Chernyakova, E. V.; Tzaneva, B.; Videkov, V. H.; Vrublevsky, I. A.
2021Investigation of the features of the porous morphology of anodic alumina films at the initial stage of anodizationChernyakova, E. V.; Muratova, E. N.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Lushpa, N. V.
2020Investigation of the Mechanism of Electronic Conductivity and Parameters of Localized States in Porous Anodic Alumina Films Obtained in Phosphoric AcidVrublevsky, I. A.; Lushpa, N. V.; Chernyakova, E. V.; Nalimova, S.; Muratova, E.; Moshnikov, V.
2020Investigation of the thermal parameters of an aluminum heater with nanoporous aluminaMuratova, E. N.; Moshnikov, V. A.; Chernyakova, E. V.; Vrublevsky, I. A.
2019Monitoring of Electrode Temperature in Exothermic Electrochemical ProcessChernyakova, E. V.; Videkov, V. H.; Tzaneva, B.; Vrublevsky, I. A.