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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D core-shell WO3@ α-Fe2O3 photoanode modified by ultrathin FeOOH layer for enhanced photoelectrochemical performancesZhang, J.; Zhu, G.; Liu, W.; Xi, Y.; Golosov, D. A.; Zavadski, S.M.; Melnikov, S. N.
2017Balanced magnetic field in magnetron sputtering systemsGolosov, D. A.
2018Discharge and plasma characteristics of pulse enhanced vacuum arc evaporation (PEVAE) for titanium cathodeYinghe Ma; Chunzhi Gong; Qinwen Tian; Chu, P. K.; Golosov, D. A.
2022Effect of Li+ doping on photoelectric properties of double perovskite Cs2SnI6: first principles calculation and experimental investigationJin, Z.; Chen, Y.; Yulong, L.; Shijie, L.; Pengfei, Y.; Yingxue, X.; Weiguo, L.; Golosov, D. A.; Zavadski, S. M.; Melnikov, S. N.
2020Effect of the Degree of Aluminum Doping on the Mechanical and Tribological Characteristics of Titanium-Aluminum Nitride FilmsGolosov, D. A.; Oks, E. M.; Burdovitsin, V. A.; Nguyen, T. D.; Melnikov, S. N.; Zavadski, S. M.; Pobol, I. L.; Kananovich, N. A.; Tian, Xiubo; Lam, N. N.
2019Electron beam nitriding of titanium in medium vacuumBurdovitsin, V. A.; Golosov, D. A.; Oks, E. M.; Tyunkov, A. V.; Yushkov, Yu. G.; Zolotukhin, D. B.; Zavadski, S
2019Enhanced discharge and surface properties of (Ti,AlCr)N coatings by cleaning cathodic-arc chamberKong, Y.; Tian, X.; Gong, C.; Golosov, D. A.; Li, M.; Tian, Q.
2019Influence of film thickness on the dielectric characteristics of hafnium oxide layersGolosov, D. A.; Vilya, N.; Zavadski, S.M.; Melnikov, S. N.; Avramchuck, A. V.; Grekhov, M.M.; Kargin, N. I.; Komissarov, I. V.
2017Influence of target-substrate distance during pulsed laser deposition on properties of LiNbO3 thin filmsVakulov, Z. E.; Zamburg, E. G.; Golosov, D. A.; Zavadski, S.M.; Dostanko, A. P.; Miakonkikh, A. V.; Klemente, I. E.; Rudenko, K. V.; Ageev, O. A.
2016Influence of the annealing temperature on the ferroelectric properties of niobium-doped strontium–bismuth tantalateGolosov, D. A.; Zavadski, S. M.; Kolos, V. V.; Turtsevich, A. S.; Okodzhi, D. E.
2019Investigation of Band Alignment for Hybrid 2D-MoS2/3D-β-Ga2O3 Heterojunctions with NitridationHuan, Y. W.; Xu, K.; Liu, W. J.; Zhang, H.; Golosov, D. A.; Xia, C. T.; Yu, H. Y.; Wu, X. H.; Sun, Q. Q.; Ding, S. J.
2019Investigation of energy band at atomic layer deposited AZO/β-Ga2O3(201) heterojunctionsSun, S. M.; Liu, W. J.; Golosov, D. A.; Gu, C. J.; Ding, S. J.
2019Microstructure and mechanical properties of ta-C films by pulse-enhanced cathodic arc evaporation: Effect of pulsed currentHu, J.; Tian, Q.; Wan, P.; Chen, B.; Tian, X.; Gong, C.; Golosov, D. A.
2019Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-Al-Cr-N films: Effect of current of additional anodeKong, Y.; Tian, X.; Gong, C.; Tian, Q.; Yang, D.; Wu, M.; Li, M.; Golosov, D. A.
2020Nitrided Silicon-Carbon Coatings Structure and PropertiesRudenkov, A. S.; Rogachev, A. V.; Zavadski, S. M.; Golosov, D. A.; Luchnikov, P. A.; Dalskaya, G. Yu.; Vtoruchina, A. N.
2020Nitriding of titanium in electron beam excited plasma in medium vacuumTyunkov, A. V.; Golosov, D. A.; Zolotukhin, D. B.; Nikonenko, A. V.; Oks, E. M.; Yushkov, Yu. G.; Yakovlev, E. V.
2015Optical and Tribological Properties of PVD/CVD Diamond -like Carbon FilmsGolosov, D. A.; Melnikov, S. N.; Zavadski, S. M.; Ermolenko, M. V.
2020Oxygen Pressure Influence on Properties of Nanocrystalline LiNbO3 Films Grown by Laser AblationVakulov, Z.; Zamburg, E.; Khakhulin, D.; Geldash, A.; Golosov, D. A.; Zavadski, S. M.; Miakonkikh, A. V.; Rudenko, K. V.; Dostanko, A. P.; He, Zh.; Ageev, O. A.
2020Preparation of Fe3+ Doped High-Ordered TiO2 Nanotubes Arrays with Visible Photocatalytic ActivitiesZhang, J.; Yang, Ch.; Li, Sh.; Xi, Y.; Cai, Ch.; Liu, W.; Golosov, D. A.; Zavadski, S. M.; Melnikov, S. N.
2019Shape tailored Cu2ZnSnS4 nanosheet aggregates for high efficiency solar desalinationZhang, J.; Yang, Y.; Zhao, J.; Dai, Z.; Liu, W.; Chen, C.; Gao, S.; Golosov, D. A.; Zavadski, S. M.; Melnikov, S. N.